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The Hugo Academic Resumé Template empowers you to create your job-winning online resumé and showcase your academic publications.

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Wowchemy makes it easy to create a beautiful website for free. Edit your site in Markdown, Jupyter, or RStudio (via Blogdown), generate it with Hugo, and deploy with GitHub or Netlify. Customize anything on your site with widgets, themes, and language packs.

Crowd-funded open-source software

To help us develop this template and software sustainably under the MIT license, we ask all individuals and businesses that use it to help support its ongoing maintenance and development via sponsorship.

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Julen Etxaniz
Julen Etxaniz
Estudiante de Máster en Análisis y Procesamiento del Lenguaje

Estudiante de Máster en Análisis y Procesamiento del Lenguaje en la Facultad de Informática de la Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU). Graduado en Ingeniería Informática con especialidad en Ingeniería del Software.

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